How To Read Odds Betting Football And Beat The Bookmakers

  Whether you stake online or you stake in a betting shop, there are some basic things that you must understand. One of which is that you are not staking against the opposing team but against a bookmaker.   Why You Must Not Use Emotions To Analyse Betting Odds. Bookmakers defines the odds of football […]

Explanation On How Football Betting Odds Work

  One of the basics of football betting is understanding the meaning of odds. We have discussed this in previous articles. Today we will be venturing into a new concept of how football betting odds work. This article is ideal for newbies and experienced punters as we look in-depth on how the odd system works […]

Understanding How Does Football Betting Odds Work

A bet or odds is the factor used to multiply the bet in the case of a win. Basically, betting odds indicate how the bookmaker assesses the probabilities of possible outcomes. In this article, the betting odds for football & other sports betting are now explained in detail.  How are they calculated, how are they […]

Six Strategies On Beating The Betting Odds By A Bookmaker

  Everyone who deals with sports betting has only one goal: to win. But is that possible? There are always Tipsters, who are successful with their bets in the long run and therefore secure a nice second income in this way. What it takes: In addition to the necessary capital and expertise, a good nose and, of […]