Sport Aviation Academy

Sport Aviation Academy
Western Australia’s Leading Recreational Flying School

A Great Way To Fly!

Whether you want to fly for pleasure or business, Sport Aviation Academy has you covered. Our flying courses are all competency based with safety our number one priority. We can take you from your first flight right through to your pilots certificate as well as all other endorsements such as Passenger Carriage, Cross Country, Radio Operator, Advanced Flying, High and Low Performance right through to an Instructor Rating.

Sport Aviation Academy operates weekends only by appointment. Flying can commence at any time as early morning starts allow us to take advantage of the smooth air.  We recommend pre-booking your flying lessons, although we encourage visitors and pilots to drop in any time - we are always open for a drink and a chat.  

We are located at the Wyalkatchem airfield less than two hours from Perth, WA. As well as professional Flight Training and Instructor Training, we offer a maintenance service and hangarage for your Light Sport or Ultralight aircraft.  Our aircraft are fully insured and available for hire once you are qualified.

With modern air-conditioned facilities and experienced, friendly instructors, Sport Aviation Academy is a great way to fly!

Always Dreamed Of Flying Like a Bird?

Now You Can!

Safe, fun and affordable - from only $3400 - learn to fly at Western Australia's leading Recreational Flying School in one of our modern Jabiru Light Sport Aircraft.